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Letter from the Principal, Michael V. Turek

 Dismissal procedures

September 21, 2020

Dear Frazier Elementary Families,

I hope this letter finds you well and that the new school year is off to a successful start. As you know, dismissal at our Elementary School the first few weeks is a process that requires planning and teaching for all involved. Thank you for being patient and understanding.

Therefore, please note the following changes in our dismissal procedures:
●   Due to assigned seating to address Covid-19 mandates on buses, students are
permitted to only have one address to be picked up from and one address to be
dropped off.
●   Requests for a bus pass to ride an alternate bus is not permitted.
●   If you have a change in transportation needs PLEASE NOTIFY THE CHILD’S TEACHER IN WRITING- You MUST send in a note. These transportation changes can only be;
from bus rider to parent pick up or parent pick up to bus rider.

●  Written requests must include:

     1) Student’s First and Last Name
     2) Date
     3) Name of the person who is picking up the child (First and Last Name)
     4) Signature of the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) (First and Last Name)
     5) Phone number where parent/guardian can be reached if there is a

●   If your child will always be picked up from school, please send in a note stating such
during the first week of school. A daily note is not required afterward unless you are
altering who is picking up the child.
●   A Parent Pick Up Number Tag must be requested for “car riders”. You must have your
number to pick up your child--we will not release a student to a vehicle that does not
have a school-issued pickup number tag visible. Please arrive no later than 3:20 for
Parent Pick Up. Please fill out a Parent Pick Up Tag form on the district webpage in
order to process this request.
●   “Parent Pick-Ups” will begin dismissal at 3:15 pm and will exit through the Middle School front entrance. Parents may not pick up students after 2:55 PM. (Prior to dismissal)
●   Parents should refrain from picking up students between 2:00 and 2:30 PM. Due to
Middle School dismissal.
Thanks for supporting these procedures and for all that you do to make our school successful and safe for all our children.

Best Wishes for a Great School Year!!!
Mr. Michael V. Turek
Frazier Elementary/ Middle School Principal