Frazier Elementary School



Hello, and welcome to the Frazier Elementary School!  


My name is Dr. Kelly Muic and I am proud to serve as the Frazier Elementary School Principal, Pre-K Counts Coordinator, and Federal Programs Coordinator.


I am not only an educator but I am a lifelong learner. After graduating from Frazier School District, I attended Penn State University receiving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with specialization in business.  I then completed a Masters of Education degree in School Counseling at the University of Pittsburgh. I also completed a Masters of Science degree in School Psychology at California University of Pennsylvania. I achieved a Doctorate in Education degree at Point Park University in 2018.  As an educational professional, I feel it is essential to continually expand and update our understanding of educational concerns.   I also promote and support our teachers in expanding their knowledge and skills so that our students benefit. There is always something to learn!


Today, students face many challenges.  It is important for educators to help guide students towards the right decisions and to provide encouragement so that they stay focused on their goals.  


I value:

Respect and kindness

Collaboration and teamwork  

Listening to others and embracing their input


Encouragement and helping others

I believe...

Education can and will improve a person’s life

All people can  improve and learn new things

In being realistic and true to oneself

In positivity

In focusing on what you can change rather than what you cannot

My purpose as elementary principal is to ensure the development of knowledge and skills students need to be successful in life, and to promote new and innovative learning opportunities for our elementary students each year!


With kindest regards,

Dr. Kelly Muic

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