Mrs. Suzanne Boni

Transportation Coordinator

724-736-9507, Ext. 115

BUS BEHAVIOR.  All students are expected to act in a sensible and dignified manner on the school bus.  Misconduct is just as inappropriate on the bus as it is in the classroom and shall be treated in the same manner.  Obedience to the driver, in conduct and assignment of seats, is absolutely necessary.  Seating charts will be posted on all buses.  Two (2) copies of these charts will be made; one copy for the bus driver and one for the building principal.

Bus Rules

All buses are equipped with audio/video cameras to ensure the safety and security of all students to and from school.



  1. Loud talking is not permitted.
  2. Eating food and drinking beverages is not permitted.
  3. Use of tobacco in any form is not permitted.
  4. Students must sit in their assigned seats as they appear on the seating chart.
  5. Students must ride the bus assigned to them.  Students will not be permitted on a bus to which they have not been assigned without a note from the building principal.  Such approval will be given only in case of an emergency.
  6. Students must have a permission slip signed by their parent and approved by the principal in order to leave the school with a friend or to ride another bus.
  7. Students will only be picked up and dismissed at their assigned bus stop.
  8. Students are to respect and obey the bus driver.
  9. Students are to be on time.  Bus drivers have been instructed not to wait for latecomers.  (BUSES WILL NOT LEAVE THE HIGH SCHOOL LOADING AREA FOR AFTERNOON DISMISSAL BEFORE 2:20 PM AND THE ELEMENTARY LOADING AREA BEFORE 3:15 PM)
  10. Students must board the bus in an orderly manner by forming a single line.  Shoving and pushing at the door are definitely not permitted.
  11. Students are not permitted in the driver's seat and are not permitted to manipulate or play with the bus operating equipment and mirrors.
  12. The rear door is NOT TO BE OPERATED BY ANY STUDENT unless directed by the bus driver or in an emergency.
  13. Destroying or defacing bus property in any manner is not permitted.

Anyone who violates the established rules may be denied the privilege of bus service.

In all cases, suspension from riding the bus will not be considered a legal excuse for being absent from school.

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